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How Removals in Sydney Help Clients Relocate on a Budget

Written on 14/10/2013

Removals in Sydney help people relocate, that is a known fact. However, did you know that they also assist customers in relocating with a small budget? A lot of these Australian companies are lending a hand – literally and figuratively – to make sure that even folks who are a bit short on cash can afford to move their furniture and other belongings to their new address. Here are some of the ways professional movers do that.

Rubbish removals is now part of the deal. Eastern Suburb removals and other removalists have started to offer clean-up services as part of their packages. While there is a separate fee for this service, it is indeed a great help for people who are moving out on a budget. Instead of having to contact other companies and using petrol to visit other offices to inquire about rubbish removals, you can now deal with only one firm for everything. That company would be your furniture movers. It’s convenient and less stressful for the owner.

Sydney removals boxes are sometimes offered free. One of the “extra” expenses one incurs when relocating is the purchase of packaging materials. These include boxes and packaging tape. But instead of buying these materials and increasing your relocation expenses, what you can do is to look for removals in Sydney that offer free boxes. Some companies even offer an unlimited number of boxes for your relocation. You also save on petrol or transportation fare since you no longer need to visit an office supplies or hardware store to buy these materials.

Eastern Suburb removals and other movers are also offering flat rates nowadays. This saves consumers a lot of money because the clients only pay for the time worked by the movers. For example, if the furniture movers needed four hours to get everything done, then you only need to pay for four hours. On a daily rate, you would have paid for a whole say of service even if they only worked for four hours. Some companies lead the pack by offering half-hourly flat rates, which can help you save more in your relocation.

Last but not least, a few removals in Sydney have already abolished the “back to base” fee for relocations within the metro. This fee is often imposed to cover the expenses of the team (specifically petrol for the truck) as they return to their base. It still exists for long-distance relocations but if you’re moving within Sydney, go for companies that waive this fee.If you want to relocate on a budget you can contact SCR at 1300 920 570.

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