Pre-move checklist

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Plan ahead, and you can potentially save hundreds of dollars’ worth of labour costs on the day of your move.

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Packing Tips and Hints for a Hassle-free move

6 weeks before moving

  • Make an inventory of any valuables, and determine replacement values for insurance purposes
  • Consult insurance company to find out about any necessary changes in policy
  • SAVE hundreds of dollars in moving costs by selling unwanted items at a garage sale or eBay, or giving to charity

4 weeks before moving

  • Book with Sydney City Removalists to secure your removal time and the best deal
  • Assemble a list of incoming mail, and notify changes of address with your local post office
  • Finalise any rental arrangements
  • Get your new home ready, with minor repairs from carpenters, locksmiths, painters and so on
  • SAVE time and effort by ordering packing supplies from Sydney City Removalists – often available for FREE!
  • SAVE up to $200 on your move by booking one of our midweek specials – $20 per hour less than our usual rate
  • SAVE removalists’ time on the day by creating a floor plan of your new home for furniture placement, and checking that larger appliances and furniture will fit where you want them

2 weeks before moving

  • Confirm moving details with Sydney City Removalists (dates, times, cleaning needs and so on)
  • Notify businesses, colleagues, family and service providers of your upcoming change of address
  • Kids: advise schools of moving plans, and have school records transferred
  • Families: transfer medical, dental and legal records
  • Pets: transfer veterinary records, immunise pets if necessary, organise pet transport with us if necessary
  • SAVE on mid-move takeaway costs by advance-cooking meals from current pantry supplies, and storing in your freezer for the busy final week of your move
  • SAVE moving labour on the day and dismantle large items such as trampolines, swings and garden furniture
  • SAVE on any temporary contents storage costs by booking with Red Box Storage, Sydney’s cheapest storage provider and a Sydney City Removalists affiliate
1 week before moving
  • Pack all items, room by room, labeling each box according to room and (approximate) contents
  • Use up your supplies of frozen and perishable foods
  • Arrange for billing and disconnection of your essential services (gas, water, phone, broadband and electricity), and reconnection to your new home
  • Notify Australian Taxation Office of your move, and apply for Electoral Roll transfer
  • Cancel newspaper subscriptions or have them redirected
  • Pack and label hazardous liquids safely: for example, drain lawnmower fuel and purge BBQ gas bottles
  • Gather keys from old address, and leave for new occupants
  • Clean oven, dishwasher and other electrical appliances, and leave instruction booklets for new occupants
  • Secure electrical items for transport
  • Book any cleaning services or carpet steam-cleaning for the day before your move
  • SAVE on garbage disposal costs by arranging any waste removal with us at rock-bottom rates!
Day before moving
  • Pack an overnight bag with essential personal items, for every household member
  • Pack valuables and legal papers such as passports
  • Pack a box of other essential items for the first night, such as kitchen supplies, TV remote controls and so on
  • Defrost the fridge and freezer
  • Dispose of perishable food and wash out cabinets
  • Ensure electricity, gas and water meters have been recorded and bills finalised
  • SAVE moving labour costs by disassembling any bedheads, tables or other bulky furniture, and packing them together with screws and any parts (alternatively, our removalists will do it for you)
Move day
  • Ensure children and pets are out of harm’s way
  • Pack personal items, box of valuables and box of first-night essentials in your own vehicle, and keep secure
  • Turn off gas, water and electricity after cleaning is finished and the move is complete
  • Take a final walk-through with our senior crew leader, or have someone do this on your behalf, and sign the bill of loading
  • Lock doors and windows as you leave
  • Leave a note at your old address or with neighbours with your forwarding address.
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